Luxurious Living in Singapore: The Five Residential Areas You Need to Know

Singapore has a robust and active public housing market that is very different from other cities across Asia. The growth rate of Singapore’s economy continues to exceed other Asian cities. Furthermore, the limited land availability in the area has helped the value of desirable real estate to continue to rise. Most experts agree that Singapore is the top place for real estate investment in the region. Here are the five most luxurious spots in Singapore that all investors should know.

Luxurious Marina Bay

Buyers come to Marina Bay when they want the best and most extensive options in the luxury residential market. The apartments in this area sell for S$40 million or more. Marina One, a cluster of four dual-use towers, is the most alluring destination for buyers in this area. The unique design combines residential living space with a green space. This exclusive location contains more than 350 plant species and 160,000 trees, further equipped with a public multifunctional area within the development.

Scenic Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is a tourist destination thanks to the Universal Studios theme park on the island. However, its beautiful beaches make it equally desirable to those that want to live a free-spirited lifestyle. It is possible to find affordable apartments that come with ocean views, but many people that move to this area expect more. For them, the cost of living on the edge of a sandy beach in the popular resort neighbourhood will cost at least S$25 million.

Trendy Holland Village

Artists, art lovers, and those that love a bohemian lifestyle flock to Holland Village. The location boasts large numbers of galleries, shops, and entertainment venues. It is a location loved by the middle and upper class of both locals and expats. The area has a nice mix of public and private housing. Luxury apartments are currently listed at approximately S$30 – S$45 million.

Commercial Orchard Road

Commerce is key for Orchard Road as the neighbourhood is known for its busy shopping centres. Private residential housing is still available in the area despite the focus on commercial endeavours. Luxury accommodations are available and typically fetch S$30 million or more.

Rediscovered Tanjong Pagar

The once middle-class neighbourhood has now become a hot destination for young, successful entrepreneurs as well as business professionals. There are numerous luxury homes under construction that could raise the current average selling price of S$20 million per apartment. Extreme luxury is the appeal with new development, and some of the most innovative and exquisite homes include price tags of over S$100 million.

Singapore real estate is a profitable venture for investors that want to see big gains in their equity. However, the appeal of living here is often just as strong for those that come to the city to become a part of its bustling business world. Increases in the energy industry, biotechnology sectors, and the banking industry have brought professionals from across the world to this location. Many of these individuals are currently competing with residents of Singapore who want to make the city their permanent home as well by investing in the luxury residential market.

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