Own A Posh Birmingham Property

For investors in this part of the world, Birmingham is usually not the first city that comes to mind when talking about investable UK locations. But due to ongoing and future trends, this “sleeping giant” is likely to awake from its slumber soon, and take its rightful place as a world-class business, industrial and entertainment center. Which means that investors who lay claim to a Birmingham property today, can reap really good returns in the near to mid future.

Time For Property Investors To Take Action

 The UK is in crisis! The economy is grinding to a halt. The pound is plunging to new lows. Brexit has divided the country. An unpopular prime minister (that’s putting it mildly) was just elected. Who in their right mind would invest in the UK today?  Well…perhaps you should. Why? Because at this point of writing, the UK pound has sunk to the bottom of the performance chart for the world’s top 10 major currencies.  It is currently at a 1.1 exchange rate to the Euro, and 1.24 against the US dollar. Chances are that with the cloud of uncertainty yet to be lifted, it could very well tumble even further.

5 Reasons To Invest In Birmingham Property

Birmingham is booming. In recent years, billions of pounds have been invested into commercial spaces, residential homes, retail outlets, and office spaces in this thriving city.  These prosperous developments are reflected in Birmingham property prices. Since the mid-90s, home prices have increased between 165%-328% (depending on the type of unit).  So the key question is: Will prices continue to rise?

An In-Depth Guide On Birmingham

For property investors in this part of the world, Birmingham is usually not the first name that comes to mind. Especially since this overlooked area is constantly overshadowed by more prestigious UK hotspots like London and Manchester.That is likely to change really soon. Because Birmingham is undergoing a transformation that is set to propel this unassuming town, into one of UK’s biggest business, industrial and entertainment center.

Discover Investment Opportunities At Manchester’s Premier Development: No.1 Old Trafford

Boasting an iconic address associated with one of football’s legendary names, No.1 Old Trafford is a prestigious development offering the best in lifestyle and comfort. Located at the heart of Manchester, the fastest developing city in the UK, investors are registering major interest in this highly sought-after property.  So come see the hype for yourself! Discover all the key info and investment opportunities at our No.1 Old Trafford Singapore Exhibition!

All About The “Chinese Invasion” Of Manchester

How The China-Manchester Relationship Affects Property Investors? In 2018, the Chinese government relaxed regulations on foreign/outward investments. We won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty details, but essentially what this means is that Chinese investors have a lot more freedom to invest in foreign markets, and no longer need to seek approval from the state.

Avril Lee joins One Global Property Services

We are proud to announce that Avril Lee has joined One Global. Her exceptional experience of both the Singapore and International property markets and superb reputation will be key assets in our growth plans

Westgate House Preview Event

A new landmark for luxury living in West London, Galliard Home’s Westgate House has proved one of their most successful developments in the past 12 months – with 50% of the development selling globally in the first two weeks of launching.

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